Teacher Skills Forum 2020

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Type: Workshop in English - ورشة عمل باللغة الانجليزية [clear filter]
Saturday, March 7

10:40am EET

Creating and Implementing a Learner Centered Instructional Framework Class Room (102) - First FloorJason Culbertson - جيسون كلبرتسون • Jason Stricker - جيسون ستريكر Developing Self-Directed Learners through Student-Managed Project Work Class Room (111) - First FloorChristy Folsom Engaging all learners – Mathematical Problem Solving Ideas Class Room (107) - First FloorCatherine Swann Ensuring creativity can blossom in the classroom Class Room (104) - First FloorKim Insley - كيم إنسلي Fun vs challenge - how do we get the balance right? Class Room (105) - First FloorJo Sayers - جو سويرز IB Continuum School Evaluation Class Room (103) - First FloorJohn Sauer - جون سوير IB World Schools: How to add CP to your DP offering Class Room (106) - First FloorDina Khalaf - دينا خلف Learning to Scratch: Using computer programming to explore mathematical ideas Computer Lab 1 - Ground FloorPiers Saunders - بيرس سوندرز Online abuse prevention and trauma informed response Multipurpose Hall (B2 06) - B2 FloorLaurie Tasharski Online Safety and Cyber Threats Class Room (116) - First FloorMajdi Hammad - مجدي حماد Practical Steps for Motivation and Accountability in Project-Based Learning Class Room (110) - First FloorGamze Keskin Pultz Using the IB Learner Profile as a mechanism for school leadership and international-mindedness. Class Room (206) - Second FloorAli Hassan Visual Intelligence: Working On Knowing How To See Class Room (109) - First FloorJohn Leistler - جون ليستلر

12:10pm EET

Aspiration and the development of positive dispositions for learning Class Room (104) - First FloorLizbeth Bullough - ليزبيث بولّو But he’s so smart, why does he have an IEP? Class Room (101) - First FloorElani McDonald - إلاني ماكدونالد • Erin E.B Clarke Changing the Culture of Reflection Using Video-Based Coaching Class Room (109) - First FloorMichael Moody Creating and Implementing a Learner Centered Instructional Framework Class Room (102) - First FloorJason Culbertson - جيسون كلبرتسون • Jason Stricker - جيسون ستريكر Creating Learner Centered Schools Class Room (107) - First FloorDiane Ullman - ديان أولمان How can technology be used to innovate teaching and learning, develop independence and empower learners? Differentiation to meet the needs of every student; successful integration of technology in classroom tea... Class Room (204) - Second FloorStorm Rae IB DP/CP Updates Class Room (105) - First FloorGuillermo Duff - غيليرمو داف MYP eAssessment: a flexible assessment model Class Room (106) - First FloorEleonore Kromhout - إليانور كرومهاوت Playing in Math Class Class Room (110) - First FloorLauren Howard Social-Emotional Learning , Why It Matters More - Responsive classroom as an example Class Room (103) - First FloorOsama Abujafar The Digital Humanities: a signal from our integrated future Class Room (203) - Second FloorPeter Nilsson - بيتر نيلسون Towards a Curriculum Model for the promotion of international mindedness Class Room (112) - First FloorJeff Thompson - جيف تومبسون

1:20pm EET

4:30pm EET

Sunday, March 8

10:30am EET

12:00pm EET

Alexa, Welcome to Our Classroom Class Room (113) - First FloorShereen Almaani Approaches to teaching and learning in the IB Diploma Class Room (105) - First FloorGuillermo Duff - غيليرمو داف Curriculum Development Updates in the MYP Class Room (106) - First FloorEmanuele Pesoli - ايمانويل بيسولي • Eleonore Kromhout - إليانور كرومهاوت Entrepreneurial Education: A Further Step Towards Holistic Learning in Schools Class Room (111) - First FloorWedad Al Saad • Enasse Sunna Free EdTech Tools for Making Thinking Visible Class Room (110) - First FloorNada Arafige • Ne'meh Sulaiman Google Classroom Foundations, Towards online classroom Class Room (116) - First FloorMajdi Hammad - مجدي حماد Local Pride and Global Minds in the Language Classroom Class Room (204) - Second FloorDalal Hammoudeh Our Natural Environment Presents us with Opportunities for Inquiry; a tiny snail led us to deep inquiry in Madinah, Saudi Arabia Class Room (208) - Second FloorHanaa Alahmadi • Sarah Mostafa Peer on Peer Abuse Prevention and Response Multipurpose Hall (B2 06) - B2 FloorLaurie Tasharski Providing Early Years Children with Practical Classroom Activities to Develop their Independence and Problem Solving Skills Class Room (112) - First FloorAnna Burgess • Elizabeth Smoake Sharing our Learning on how to make Learning Fun Class Room (103) - First FloorMary Hayden - ماري هايدن Teaching with a Twist! Class Room (101) - First FloorHiba Zakka Al Jamal - هبة زكّا الجمل The (second language) Play’s the thing Class Room (102) - First FloorNick Bilborough - نيك بيلبرو The IB and the Teen Brain Class Room (109) - First FloorRhonda Fisher

1:00pm EET

3:30pm EET